Google LaunchpadX Day 3 – Tech

Reflecting on the interviews with the kids from Tuesday evening and during the day, there was a reoccurring theme that reframed the problem as we understood it. What’s not clear is if they see if it as a problem or if they care enough to do something about it.

During the morning briefing we were told that some of us would not be getting our mentor, as a conversation was needed first in other words, you are not ready to have the tech discussion yet. Ours was one of those teams. It was time to understand why Emil was endearingly named The Dragon Slayer and face the brutal reality of where we were at. Our assumptions had been invalidated but we were yet to accept this fact, time to go back to the drawing board and explore what we now knew and explore that prospect further.

We spent the next few hours going round is circles as we kept going back to solution discussions. We even had a couple of mentors try to steer us through the forest we were lost in, though they weren’t supposed to. It was clear that we were looking at potential problems through the lense of the tech bubble, things we perceived as a necessity and thought teens needed. It was also clear that some of us were committed to the solution and others to the potential of a problem that could be solved.

At the end of day 3, we were starting with a blank sheet of paper.