Here is where I scribble some the things that I ponder over or question in my professional capacity as well as a few things that bug me in my personal life. As I get older I see so many of my interests from when I was younger converging to bring to where I am now – art, black & white photography, architecture, film, sociology and maths.

I am a revenue generator and experience designer who sweats the small stuff. I love user experience because of it’s intersection between tech, business and product. For a person from a business background, I probably know way too much tech for my own good. As a freelancer, I help businesses make money, solve problems and focus on the business of running the business.

Amongst other things I sit on the TLA Africa group steering committee, on the Adas List strategy committee, mentor for Seedcamp and I’m IDF London’s local leader.

Say hello, email me at emem@theruminatr.com or find me on Twitter.